• CME - GOSI & Hubli Orthopaedic Association At Hubli Geriatric Orthopedic under the GOSI CME activites held at Hubli.
  • Presentation By: Dr John Ebnezar

  • This Save Your Knee Campaign by Dr John Ebnezar took Hubli by storms. Never before a camp of this nature was held in this city. More than 500 patients participated in this event which was held at Hebich Memorial Hall, Maier Memorial Church, Karwar Road, and Hubli on July 12th 2014. This Campaign was supported by Maier Memorial Church, Rotary Club Hubli Main, Rotary Bangalore Sough, Swaasthya Health Foundation, and Geriatric Orthopedic Association of India.
    The camp started at 7.30 am and was conducted by over 50 nurses, para medics, and volunteers. 6 pg's from KIMS and 6 Senior Consultants examined the patients and gave suitable advice. Hon’ble Shri Jagdish Shettar,Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, and Leader of the Opposition, Karnataka Legislative Assembly inaugurated the camp and lauded the efforts of Dr John Ebnezar to create public awareness about knee arthritis.
    The success of the program could be gauged from the fact that the camp was scheduled to be held from 8am to 11 am and the workshop from 11 am to 1 pm. But the camp and the inauguration itself extended to over 12.45 pm. So Dr John Ebnezar decided to conduct the Workshop after lunch which was scheduled to be served at 1 pm. He announced Lunch break and asked all the senior citizens to assemble for the workshop after lunch. The organizers came running and told him that the lunch is not ready yet and it may take another 30 minutes. Finding no other way he commenced the Knee Workshop with an intention of giving a break after 30 minutes.
    But as the workshop started, people got so much engrossed with his lectures that no one moved from their seats till the workshop got over at 3.30 pm!! Despite several announcements from him that those who want to have their lunch can leave as he feared senior citizens may collapse without food for such a long time. But everyone was keen to listen and not eat!! Seeing their interest Dr John Ebnezar proceeded with the workshop and completed it. A record of sorts was created.
    One senior citizen said that he has sat through the program for 51/2 hours without even getting up for a loo!! He said Dr John Ebnezar had hypnotized the audience with his talk that they forgot to eat and even go to the toilet!! Initially it was planned that for the yoga, the chairs would be moved and the patients will be provided with yoga mats but the hall was so jam-packed that seats could not be moved, so Dr John Ebnezar got everyone to do yoga on their chairs itself!!
    After the workshop Dr John Ebnezar was mobbed by patients for over one hour and he could lay hands on something to eat only after 4.45 pm. So successful was the Knee Workshop that people appreciated the efforts of Dr John Ebnezar in no uncertain measures and gave big thumbs up for this crusade against arthritis. The Press and the Electronic Media covered the event and for 2 days all the major newspapers gave wide press coverage for this unique program. Seldom does a Medical event that too camp get so much media attention. Dr John Ebnezar had cast his spell on Hubli and how!! The unprecedented response to his campaign strengthened his resolve to carry his fight against arthritis to all corners of the world.
    After the workshop when the mob rose to its feet and gave Dr John Ebnezar a rousing applause it appeared that the entire world had come to halt for a moment to raise its toast to this good Samaritan who believed in sharing and empowering health education to the common man!!
    (Mr Samuel Kuri Chief Organiser- Save Your Knees Campaign Hubli)

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